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NBR Approved VAT Management Software

Troyee VAT Management Software in Bangladesh
Developed by-
Best Business Bond Ltd. (3BL)

NBR Approved Troyee-VAT Management Software is applicable for Manufacturing, Trading and Service providing Organizations

Troyee-VAT Management Software is fully compliant with both VAT Act 1991 & 2012, and we are committed to accommodate time to time changes of acts/rules done by NBR in the software

Features as Per VAT & SD Act. 2012:

Purchase Module:

Supplier Group, Supplier with detail information and register, Purchase (Local), Purchase (Import), Purchase Register (Mushak-6.1), Purchase Return/Debit Note (Mushak-6.8), Purchase invoice more than Two Lac (Mushak-6.10), VAT at source deduction certificate (Mushak-6.6), Purchase Register, Return Register, Accounts Payables.

Sales Module:

Customer Group, Customer with detail information and register, Sales Representative Details, Sales Invoice, Sales Register (Mushak-6.2), VAT challan (Mushak-6.3) Accounts Receivables, Sales Return/Credit Note (Mushak-6.7), Sales invoice more than Two Lac (Mushak-6.10)

Inventory/Stock Module:

Item creation (with code) Group/Category wise, Creation of Locations, Measurement Units, Issue Subcontract (Mushak-6.4), Batch/Log configuration, Stock Transfer (Mushak-6.5), Stock Summary, Location-wise Stock Report, Stock Movement Analysis, Slow Moving & Fast Moving Item Register, Re-order Level & Minimum Level, Out of Stock Register, Item-wise Profitability, Store Ledger, Batch Report.

Accounts Module:

Ledger, Day Book, Cash Book, Bank Book, Group Summary, VAT Return (Mushak-9.1), Treasury Challan (TR Form 6), Service bill (Mushak-6.3), Credit Note for Service (6.7), Diplomatic or International organization tax refund application (Mushak-10.1), Trial Balance, Cash Flow Statement, Trading Account, Profit & Loss Account/Income & Expenditure Account, Balance Sheet, Receipt & Payment Account, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Budget & Variance, Cost Center.

VAT & SD Act-2012: Mushak

  1. Mushak-4.1 (Advance VAT refund Application for import)
  2. Mushak-6.1 (Purchase Register)
  3. Mushak-6.2 (Sales Register)
  4. Mushak-6.3 (VAT Challan)
  5. Mushak-6.3 (Service Bill)
  6. Mushak-6.4 (Issue Subcontract)
  7. Mushak-6.5 (Stock Transfer)
  8. Mushak-6.6 (VAT at source deduction certificate)
  9. Mushak-6.7 (Credit Note)
  10. Mushak-6.7 (Credit Note for Service bill)
  11. Mushak-6.8 (Debit Note)
  12. Mushak-6.10 (Purchase & Sales invoice more than Two Lac)
  13. Mushak-9.1 (Return Submission)
  14. Mushak-10.1 (Diplomatic or international organization tax refund application)
  15. Mushak-18.1 (Application for VAT Agent Certificate)
  16. Mushak-18.2 (Application form for certified copies of documents)
  17. Mushak-18.3 (Application for VAT clearance certificate)

There are various MIS reports in monthly, quarterly or yearly basis in different modules

UNIQUE Feature of Troyee:

  • All modules are integrated
  • Supports Multiple levels in chart of Accounts & Multiple group structure in Inventory System
  • First-rate speed & High Volume Data Handling Capacity
  • Strong User Access Control
  • Secured Data Backup and Restore Facility
  • Superior Performance for both Standalone & Network Version (LAN/WAN)
  • Scope of customization as per NBR rule (if require)
  • Menu-Driven Easy Learning Windows Interface

All these are addressed for:

  • Real-time update information on all transaction
  • Hassle free reporting
  • Complete information from start to end cycle
  • Greater visibility at every level of operation
  • Better utilization of resource

Industry Coverage

  • Advertising Firm
  • Automobiles
  • Bricks Field
  • Chemicals Industries
  • CNG Filling Station
  • Construction & Real Estate
  • Consultancy/Service Provider
  • Co-operative Socity
  • Cotton Mills
  • E-Commerce Business
  • Educational Institute
  • Electronics
  • Flour Mills
  • Food Industries
  • Freight Forwarder
  • Furniture
  • Garments & Textile
  • Hotel & Restaurants
  • Leather Industries
  • Manufacturing
  • NGO
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • POS
  • Poultry Feed
  • Sanitary, Tiles & Ceramics
  • Security House
  • Spinning Mills
  • Sportswear
  • Steel Mills
  • Telecommunications
  • Tours & Travelling
  • Trading
  • Transport Service
  • Hardware & Networking Business
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